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  • Imagen Set, Horus y Anubis
    Imagen Set, Horus y Anubis
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    Imágenes para escuelas -Set, Horus y Anubis
    Set, Horus y Anubis - Imágenes para escuelas y educación

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    Set, an ancient Egyptian deity. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings.
    Horus, an ancient Egyptian falcon headed-deity. Horus was usually depicted wearing the double crown of kingship, but also appeared in a fully falcon form, among others. Ra, another falcon-headed deity, is distinguished by the presence of the sun disk on his head, but the ancient Egyptians often combined Re and Horus into the composite deity known as Re-Horakhty.[1] Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings.
    Anubis, the jackal headed god of ancient Egypt. Anubis is also depicted in full jackal form perched atop a tomb, guarding it.[1] Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings.

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    Set, Horus y Anubis