Foto Adolf Hitler y Mussolini

  • Foto Adolf Hitler y Mussolini
    Foto Adolf Hitler y Mussolini
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    FotoAdolf Hitler y Mussolini
    Adolf Hitler y Mussolini - Imágenes para escuelas y educación

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    Foto: Adolf Hitler y Mussolini

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    Image information

    PD 10 - This file is in the public domain, because The author of the photograph, Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije,
    according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
    donated the image to USHMM who then released that image into the public domain.
    Source US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler stand together on an reviewing stand during a official visit
    to occupied Yugoslavia, 1941-1943.

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    Adolf Hitler y Mussolini